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All About Dressing Rooms

Have a look at this walnut Clive Christian dressing room. It's so beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful dressing room than this. This is exactly what I want. I love everything about this. I also love the ceiling, the lighting the carpet and the lamps. The mannequin busts are an unnecessary extra (for me). I'd rather have all my clothes neatly tucked away in the closet.

Dressing room by Clive Christian

I understand that the dark walnut wood will put off many but I absolutely love it. Here's another picture from another angle.

Pretty good, huh? I think this design has been around for five or six years.  I think I first saw this in 2014 or 2015. 

Here's another colour.
Clive Christian dressing room

I suppose this looks a lot brighter, and I reckon it will make the room appear larger, spacious, airy and bright. On the downside, it looks 'high maintenance'.

I definitely do not like the white dressing room. It lacks a 'premium feel' that the walnut dressing has. Don't get me wrong, the white dressing room is pretty good looking but the walnut is better in my opinion. 

That's it for today.