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I Really Want This Building

But I honestly wouldn't know what to do with it. Every time I walk past this place, I always try to figure out what I'd do if I were to purchase it.


I guess I would turn it into a mini hotel or a restaurant. Turning it into an apartment block would be a complete no no because there are two noisy pubs nearby. Someone tried to turn it into an art gallery but it was never opened to the public for some reason.

The history of the building goes back as far as 1426, when a timber framed pub stood here, which burnt down in Victorian times. It was rebuilt and the 40-room building became a brewery, sauna, gym, snooker hall and then a pub again. It's been lying derelict for as long as I've known the place. It is quite big and spacious and it's also got a huge basement.


What a shame. I truly do love this building but, like I keep saying, not knowing what to do with it is probably the main reason why I have never made any attempts to purchase it. I have contacted the owner in the past but it wasn't anything serious.



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