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Owning This House Is My Ultimate Dream

I have dreamt about owning this house for a very long time. Its big, sits on two and a half acres,  I became aware of this property in 2016 and I've tried to get in touch with the owner on several occasions. The current owner purchased this property in 2013 , I believe, and just sat on it and watched it rot.  I'm not sure what he's planning on doing with it. It's previous owner was a member of the Saudi royal family. He purchased it in the late eighties and didn't finish building it. Renovating this would be a mission because it's basically an empty rotting shell. The ceiling has caved in some rooms, the floorboards have rotted, the roof leaks, the stairs have plants growing, rats are running everywhere, the indoor swimming pool sometimes fills up with rain water and there's damage everywhere. It's a mess. My rough guess is it'd cost at least £10 million to renovate this mansion. The exterior needs a lot of work but the inside needs a compl

I Love This

Just check out this boundary fence. It's so beautiful. This is the kind of boundary fence I want for my next house. I want something grand and very pretty. When it comes to boundary fences, I love them high. This one in the image above is exactly what I want. It is 100% perfect in my eyes and boundary fences don't come prettier than this. I love everything about it. I love the colour and the gold plated iron details.

Barons Court On The Market

This is one house that has really caught my interest ever since I first laid eyes on it earlier this year. It's been in the same family since 1976 and has been empty for a while. It was recently put on the market in September 2019. I imagine it'd cost at least £2 million to bring it back to life. It sits on two and a half acres and has a tennis court as well as a swimming pool. I'd remove the pool and replace it with a huge garden fish pond. I'm not into tennis so I'd also remove the tennis court and replace it with lawn!  I do not like the green window shutters, and especially, the green door. That garage has two bedrooms, I think.  It really isn't in bad condition.  I'm not a fan of this type of maze like garden design. That'd have to go I'd turn the pool house into an outdoor kitchen & entertainment area and replace the pool with a huge nature pond.